Hi, I am Justyna,
junior UX/UI designer
interested in web development
and catching moments with a camera.
Based in Wrocław, Poland
17°02′E, 51°06′N


Waymore is a company founded by a friend, whose vision is to build a creative collective. I was invited to co-create it by building it's website prototype. For this, I was provided with the logotype and the colors palette as a base.

My goal was to create a clear, easy to navigate website, through which the client would quickly understand what hides under the name "creative collective". The neon colors were the biggest challenge since I haven't used them before.

Check out my Figma project


SEUS is a Wroclaw-based company with 10 years of experience in the SEO industry. I was asked to re-design their website. It was my first fully professional experience.

The first challenge was to understand how web positioning works, which was really interesting. It was also the first time I "faced the client" to understand what his expectations are and what feelings the website is supposed to evoke.

Check out my Figma project

Casino del Papel (bootcamp project)

During "Coderscamp", I've done the visuals for every project I was involved in. I was the only one interested in UX/UI (and not only web development), so I was happy to take on more tasks.

This particular project was very special - we had to create a site to play two games. The rest of the team came up with BlackJack and Saper and I wanted to make these basic games more attractive. It wasn't easy, since I've never played any games. That's how "Casino del Papel" was created, inspired by the story of the famous Netflix series.

Check out my Figma project
web development

Besides UX/UI projects I am also interested in web development. Since the beginning of 2020 I've learned many useful digital solutions from both of these domains: starting with programming languages ​​and ending with graphic programs. Here is a list of technologies I am the most familiar with:


The last thing I would like to share are my photos. Currently it's more of a hobby than profession, but it's something I really enjoy. I bought my first camera in the beginning of 2019. The following photographs are the result of my self-study.
I work with Canon 550d camera and Yongnuo 35mm lens.

Let's talk,
I am open to any UX/UI or web development opportunity.
I am always very involved in my projects and put a lot of effort in them.
You can see the results on this site.
e-mail: justyna.ptak.ux@gmail.com
copyrights: Justyna Ptak