Who am I?

If I were to give you a minimalistic answer - a critical and open mind. There is always a "why" behind everything I do and learn.

I am a cook by education, and my specialty is vegan cuisine. When I cook, the recipes are only an inspiration for me. I love to experiment and I try to improve them using my own experience.

I only discovered UX Design in mid 2019. I really wanted to change something in my life by finding a profession which is both creative and useful. So when I understood what UX Designer was all about, my intuition pushed me in this direction. Learning more and solving new, ever more complex issues during various courses gave me great satisfaction. I feel truly excited about my future career.

In parallel I have been learning about digital photography, devoting almost every free moment to it. Through photos I try to show people the world from my perspective. I am passionate about it, because of the attention it has brought to my life and the motivation to focus more deeply on my surrounding.

I also love travelling. It try to take some time to travel small and large, which I almost need as much as oxygen. I love my home, but I try to take care of this need whenever possible. In every city I visit, I want to feel what the place has to offer and learn as much as possible about it, while avoiding the most famous tourist facilities. On the other hand, spending time in nature taught me to relax in a new way, which in other conditions is almost impossible.

Other (and there aren't that many) moments I spend on learning new things. My latest discoveries are riding longboard and playing djembe drum. I also try to improve my education in various fields of knowledge, using popular science books. It helps me to better understand how this world works.

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I am open to any UX/UI or web development opportunity.
I am always very involved in my projects and put a lot of effort in them.
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